I design and direct brands, products, and experiences on emerging platforms.

I've lead flagship products for the likes of Nike, Spotify, HBO, Chanel, Mars, Toyota, Mercedes, Lamborghini and quite a few others. Presently, I am the Global Director of Brand and Design at Piano, an enterprise business platform that powers value-generating content experiences for the biggest media companies in the world.

Key moments

For several years I was the design director for Nike+ OS — the operating system and central platform connecting Nike's revolutionary fleet of products: Nike+ GPS, Fuelband, ESP, Nike+ Kinect, and more.

Prior to that, I designed dozens of digital products, visual systems, and campaigns for many of Nike's key brand initiatives, such as Training, Store, Boom, Sparq, and one of the world's first tablet-optimized sites that debuted with launch of the iPad.

In 2011, my frequent partner and I founded BadProtein — a small design consultancy, inspired by our shared belief: that a few rogue molecules can impact the entire system. Acting as internal partners, we would engage in fast-and-furious design sprints that delivered the highest-value materials within the most efficient scope of work. As a small team, we've managed to single-handedly redesign brand platforms for the likes of Snickers.com, M&Ms, the 2014 Winter Olympics, Pokemon, and number of hush-hush others we're unable to share.


In 2012, I came aboard Tinypass after meeting two industry expats and two former bank system architects looking to revamp the digital content business. We started by building the perfect access-and-monetization solution for independent content creators, which rapidly scaled into an end-to-end digital business platform for companies of all sizes.

In 2015, we merged with Piano Software to form the world's most sophisticated digital business platform. Since then, my job has been to design and lead an enterprise product system which is now used by the likes of Time Inc, Slate, News Corp, CNBC, and some of the biggest publishers in the world.

Design to set the bar.

I am a hands-on director who designs and develops the vision, conceptual foundation, and visual benchmark, and then builds teams and leads them toward success. Every day I operate in a variety of roles — designer, product owner, brand thinker, planner, mentor, illustrator, programmer, prototyper, animator, photographer.

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Sometimes, I'm still available for interesting side projects.