I design & direct brands, digital products, and experiences.

My focus is on emerging platforms and technologies. I've lead flagship products for the likes of Nike, Spotify, HBO, Chanel, Mars, Toyota, Mercedes, Lamborghini and many others.

Key moments. For several years I was the design director for Nike+ OS — the operating system and central platform connecting Nike's revolutionary fleet of products: Nike+ GPS, Fuelband, ESP, Nike+ Kinect, and more.

In 2011, my partner and I founded BadProtein — a two-man design consultancy, formed under our shared idea: that even the smallest molecule can have a massive impact the entire system. A side project for us, our process was engaging in fast and furious design sprints that delivered the highest-impact within the most efficient scope of work. We've attracted some great brands, and we've designed sites like Snickers.com, M&Ms, AT&T's Winter Olympics, and number of hush-hush others.

In 2012, I came aboard Tinypass after meeting two industry expats and two former bank developers at looking to revamp the digital content business. Since then, my job has been to design and lead an enterprise product system which is now used by the likes of Time Inc, Slate, News Corp, CNBC, and thousands of other amazing publishers.

I design to set the bar — then I lead teams toward excellence.

I embrace this simple goal with an nuanced and evolving daily process. It's a hands-on one. Every day I operate in a variety of roles — designer, brand thinker, planner, mentor, illustrator, programmer, prototyper, animator, photographer, etc. I'm always looking to innovate with a team of like-minded individuals.

Sometimes, I'm still available for interesting side projects.

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Josh Rhode is a
director / designer.

Global Director at Piano (formerly Tinypass), where I lead the converging arms of brand and product design.